Pricing Made Simple

No set-up costs. Inexpensive, straightforward and transparent pricing.

Low fees, no hidden charges

Our pricing is simple and transparent:

Ticket Price Commission
Free tickets
No fees
£0.01 to £4.99
£5 to £29.99
10% of face value
8% of face value
£100 to £199.99
7% of face value
Above £200
6% of face value

We cover all handling, transaction and processing charges.

Commission is only payable on tickets sold and you choose whether to charge the customer a booking fee and keep 100% of your ticket price or absorb the commission into the ticket face value.

Your event, your money

By using Ticketlight to collect payments, we do all the hard work and process the payments for you.

Payments for events published using Ticketlight are paid within 5 working days after the event date.

If you are running a larger event or are interested in our managed service email sales@ticketline.co.uk or call 0161 813 2050.

Call us: 0161 813 2050

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