Introducing Ticketlight

Your Event, Your Way

Introducing Ticketlight


Say hello to the most advanced, intuitive, self-service ticketing system in the industry, brought to you by Ticketline, giving you complete control over the selling and ticketing of your event. Click here to find out more

Event Creation

Seating Map Editor


Ticket Shop



Real-Time Scanning

Devices & Mobiles


Say hello to the most advanced, intuitive, self-service ticketing system in the industry, brought to you by Ticketline, giving you complete control over the selling and ticketing of your event. Click here to find out more

Event Creation

Don't jump through hoops to get your events on sale!

Event Creation

Place your event on sale over the internet quickly and seamlessly. Ticketlight gives you the power to create your bespoke events with your own branded ticketing website and e-ticket. Our transparent fees are the most competitive in the marketplace. Click here to view a breakdown of our Rates

The icing on the cake? You can instantly publish your events to your own ticket shop, share across social media platforms right from our platform AND market your event at no extra cost on and with a collective customer database in the millions. Does it really get much better?


Ticketlight's central hub


Simple and concise, ideal for updates on the move...

We have designed our dashboard to be as simple and intuitive as possible. The dashboard allows you to instantly access live data and key statistics from the past 7 days, so you can see how your events are performing now from a simple glance.

The dashboard is the gateway to our feature rich application giving you access to create, sell and market your events, brand your own ticket shop and e-tickets and a comprehensive report suite so you can analyse data for all your events, for any period.

Ticket Shop

Want your own marketplace? Ticketlight designs and hosts it for you

Ticket Shop

Your customers like to feel that they are buying tickets direct from you. It inspires confidence and increased ticket sales. With this in mind, Ticketlight offers you the facility to tailor and customise your integrated ticketing website with your own branding and styling, whilst incorporating all the smart back office functionality that Ticketlight offers. This is true design integration.


Clear, concise, anywhere, everywhere


The most comprehensive and adaptable live reporting suite in the industry allowing you to access ticket sales and revenue reports in a number of ways, including comparisons with sales over a different period, customer data and buying patterns such as a regional/postcode breakdown of ticket purchasers, buying patterns, peaks and troughs, referring URLs tracking where your sales come from, and insight data such as age, gender and consumer interests*

You can access all your ticket sales performance figures and stats 24/7, whether it's customer data, demographics info, or just a simple figures report. You can create comparison reports within the system, and download all of your data for further analysis if needed at any time.

Ticketline have used decades of knowledge and experience of every kind of ticketed event to develop a reporting suite that gives you the crucial information that you need as an event organiser in a format that is simple to absorb. With Ticketlight you can access your figures and data anywhere, from your latop or your mobile device.

* To access information such as age, gender and interests you are required to enable Demographics and Interests within your Google Analytics account, and add your analytics key into Ticketlight.


Traditional or digital? Ticketlight will support you


Whether you use digital or traditional marketing, Ticketlight will support you.

Ticketlight is a fully functional digital marketing facilitator. Connecting Ticketlight to your MailChimp account allows you to import your marketing data directly into MailChimp.

With full social network integration Ticketlight plugs straight into Facebook seamlessly. Not sure how it works? Facebook integration is part of the simple set-up process and takes no more than a few clicks, we're happy to guide you step by step.

But everybody does that now, right?
The benefit of using Ticketlight is you get the marketing support of both Ticketline, one of the UK's most established ticket agencies, and Inner City, our clubs & dance brand. Both Ticketline and Inner City have large databases and established social media followings, all of which we can use to promote your events. This sets us apart from the rest.

Ticketline also have both fully trained call centre and customer service departments which can be utilised for the sale and support of your events. If the demographic audience for your event prefer to book over the phone, or have any questions about your event, our call centre team are only a phone call away, 7 days a week.

Real-Time Scanning

Live entry management solution with detailed reports

Real-Time Scanning

Your entry management solution is built within Ticketlight – control of your event at your fingertips has now never been easier with our powerful, robust and flexible real-time scanning solution.

Developed by the experts who understand complex ticketing solutions, Ticketlight's scanning solution provides a detailed dashboard management with real-time alerts in the palm of your hands, whilst ensuring your compliant with all accreditations.

Scanning your tickets can be completed using USB handheld scanners or through the Ticketlight mobile app. Results are presented live on your entry management report, it's as simple as that!

With real-time scanning, you can:

  • Scan barcoded traditional tickets, e-tickets
  • View real-time entry statistics
  • Manage multiple gate access
  • Eliminate fraudulent tickets
  • Quick & easy setup

You can gain valuable insight to evaluate your event, whilst providing a hassle-free entrance management experience, offering you the full reporting experience you require to manage your events.

Devices & Mobiles

Full access, everywhere, anywhere

Devices & Mobiles

Ticketlight is designed for optimum performance on all devices and smart phones. Responsive design is the science behind Ticketlight being the best it can be on all formats of devices and screens. Our designers have nailed it, for optimum ticket sales performance.

Seating Map Editor

Configure your event and layout with our intuitive seat planner

Seating Map Editor

Ticketlight makes it easy to sell tickets for your seated venue. Our intuitive, easy-to-navigate allocated seat planner places you in direct control of your venue, and designing a venue map couldn’t be easier.

You have the control to create your venue directly in Ticketlight, with a options catered just for you. Getting an easy drag and drop navigation, beautifully displaying your venue.

Get started quickly with the tools you build including:

  • Seating Sections
  • Tables & Chairs
  • General Admission Standing
  • Stage, Exits and other services
  • Create custom pricing for allocated seats

No venue is too complex. You can customise and update your seat maps for all your events, from General Admission only, to a mix of Seating and General Admission, with options to fully design various shapes and sizes that meet your venue standards.

Creating an event at a particular venue? Ticketlight has templates of various seating plans for many venues, and you can choose and customise them to get you started and amplify your event quickly.


A simple how to guide for those that love manuals

How It Works

Intuitive, comprehensive and easy to manage - it's been designed with you in mind, to be able to capitalise on our experience and maintain control of your event management. We've designed it to have no barriers to sale and no hoops to jump through. We know online ticket buyers inside out and have made the user journey as seamless and as effective as it can be.

Step 1 - Sign up and log in

A simple 3 step process...

  1. Ticketlight - Sign Up, Step 1 of 3

    1. First we ask for your name and email address.

  2. Ticketlight - Sign Up, Step 2 of 3

    2. You will receive an activation email, open the link to confirm your account.

  3. Ticketlight - Sign Up, Step 3 of 3

    3. Then simply fill in your company's name and address. We also ask for your bank details so we can pay you - but don't worry, these can be entered when you create your first event.

Step 2 - Your Dashboard

Ticketlight - Dashboard

When you sign in you will be taken to your Dashboard. We have designed our Dashboard to be as simple and intuitive as possible. We want you to be able to get as much out of Ticketlight as you can, no more head scratching! The Dashboard allows you to instantly access live data from the past 7 days, so you can see how your events are performing now, not from last month's marketing.

It's all clearly laid out for you.

Step 3 - Create your first event

Creating your first event couldn't be simpler. Using our years of experience setting up events we have streamlined a critical part of promoting events into 3 steps to make it easy for you. Take a look at our step-by-step video on how to get your first event created, and how to create your venue seat map.

Market, promote and deliver your event

Your first event is set up, on sale, now make the most of your event tools in Ticketlight to manage your event 24/7, even on the move.

Ticket Shop

A fully customised Ticket Shop – easy to design and link to your own website and Facebook integration so you can sell directly through Facebook and enhance your marketing and sales opportunities. Take a look at our video to see how easy it is to set up your Ticket Shop.


Design your own e-tickets and confirmation emails – integrate your brand identity onto your tickets with your event details, description and much more! And to guide you along the way, take a look at our video here.


Access reports on your events 24/7 on your event sales, revenue, demographics and more. See our video on the in-depth business insight available on your ticket sales to support your event management.

Box Office

Ticketlight - Box Office

Provide great customer service yourself by making sales and refunds directly through Ticketlight – no large costs or waiting for an external customer services team to support your clients.

Real-Time Scanning

Your event has been on sale, you have sold out, and it is the day of your event, and Ticketlight is with you to the end, supporting you with a mobile real-time scanning solution giving you the power to see how many of your clients are at your event with full barcode scanning reports. Click our video explains our real-time scanning solution in more detail.

Our Marketplaces

Completely FREE advertising for your event with Ticketline and Inner City selling millions of tickets for thousands of events each year!

Our Marketplaces

Ticketline is one of Europe's largest and most established primary ticket agencies, selling millions of tickets, for thousands of events every year. As the UK's largest independent ticket agent and one of the UK's market leaders for over 30 years, we have the experience to deliver a world class service, whilst possessing a flexible & personal approach. Listing your event on gives your event the exposure it deserves.

By listing your event on and, our marketplace focused purely on dance music, you are giving your event the exposure it deserves! Ticketline have also launched in the United Arab Emirates, focuses on events in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. If you event is more suited to this particular marketplace we will list it there for you too!


Find out more about Ticketlight and the Ticketline Network

About Us

Ticketlight is a specialist service offering you complete control over your events. Be it a 200 capacity sporting event or a 5000-strong music festival, our online tools make it easy to oversee your ticket sales from almost anywhere in the world.

As a member of the Ticketline Network, we boast unparalleled experience, solid industry relationships and now innovative yet simple online ticketing technology. Ticketline’s leading position within the market place ensures your event gets the exposure it needs to generate the ticket sales you deserve.

Interested? Have a look at what our existing clients have to say about our services, join us today and you’ll certainly be in good company!

Contact Us

Contact Us

Contact Us

If you're looking for more information, or want to discuss the Ticketlight system in depth, get in touch with our sales team:

Or if you're an existing Ticketlight user looking for a little help, contact our support team:

Ticketlight Service Fee Schedule

The Ticketlight fees are a sliding scale based on the price of the ticket.

You can include your fees into the price of your ticket making the ticket free of booking fees for your customers, or you can put the fee on top of the ticket price, showing clearly what the customer will pay. We give you the choice.

If you're promoting a festival, and your ticket is £55.00 or upwards then the booking fee is just 5%.

We don't charge a transaction fee either, meaning that your customers are happy paying some of the lowest fees in the entire ticketing industry!

Service fees can either be included in the price charged to customers ("Inside Booking Fee") or charged to customers on top of the ticket price ("Outside Booking Fee").

Fees are charged in accordance with the Standard Terms and Conditions .

Ticket Price Service Fee
£0.50 - £1.99 £0.50
£2.00 - £2.99 £0.55
£3.00 - £3.99 £0.60
£4.00 - £4.99 £0.65
£5.00 - £5.99 £0.70
£6.00 - £9.99 £0.75
£10.00 - £19.99 £1.00
£20.00 - £24.99 £1.25
£25.00 - £29.99 £1.50
£30.00 - £34.99 £1.75
£35.00 - £39.99 £2.00
£40.00 - £54.99 6% e.g. £40.00 ticket, £2.40 fee
£55.00 - £129.99 5% e.g. £55.00 ticket, £2.75 fee
£130.00 - £499.99 4.5% e.g. £130.00 ticket, £6.50 fee
from £500.00 4% e.g. £500.00 ticket, £20.00 fee



Is Ticketlight suitable for my event?

Ticketlight has been developed with a broad range of events in mind... Whether it's general admission events, seated events, 100 capacity exclusive pub sessions, or a 5000 capacity club event - there's something in Ticketlight for everybody.

If you're running a larger scale event, or looking for a managed service, please contact us on 0161 828 1205 ext 466 to discuss the options available to you.

How do I sign up?

Signing up for Ticketlight couldn't be easier.

Follow the registration process through our 'Start Selling' screen to sign up today. It takes minutes, so there are no delays to your sales process.


Can I create my own ticket shop?

With Ticketlight you can create your own ticket shop. The web address for this will be the 'company name' that you add during the registration process, with the suffix

This can be designed to fit with your website, whether you want a simple colour scheme or full branding, Ticketlight gives you that flexibility.

Can I create my own Facebook shop?

With Ticketlight, you can create your own Facebook shop in seconds, with just a few clicks. It really is that simple! So simple that we'll give it to you for free...

Can i design my own E-Ticket?

Yes, you can! Within Ticketlight you can customise our E-Ticket template to match your event brand. You can create a standard E-Ticket that can be used for all your events and also create a bespoke E-Ticket for a particular event.

Can i design my own Email confirmation

As with E-Ticket design you can also brand your email confirmations that are sent out. This allows you to create a standard template that can be used across all your events, you can also create a particular design for a single event adding logos, colour scheme and also important information that you need to share with your customers.


How long do I have to wait until I can sell tickets?

We don't make you jump through hoops to sell your tickets. Setting up an event takes minutes, and can be published to your ticket shop instantly. You can even publish to social media direct from Ticketlight, giving you instant marketing opportunities with no delays.

Do I have to exclusively use Ticketlight?

While it's more simple to keep everything in one place, selling from one point of sale such as your own ticket shop, we understand that sometimes you may wish to sell tickets via other outlets, and that's ok. Using Ticketlight doesn't mean you'll be signing into exclusivity.

What if I need to cancel a show?

In the event of a show cancellation, please ensure that you set the event to cancelled within the Events module of Ticketlight, as well as contacting any customers that you may have sold tickets to. If you're unsure on how to do this, get in touch with your allocated account manager.


How much does it cost?

Ticketlight's rates are the most competitive in the current ticketing market, and it's completely free for promoters. Check out our sliding scale.

When will I be paid?

Promoters are paid funds from their event within 5 working days of the event maturing. You will need to ensure that you have provided account details during the registration process so our finance team have somewhere to pay the funds. If you're running a larger event, or a specialist event and wish to discuss the payment terms, get in touch with our sales team.

Is Ticketlight secure?

Ticketlight uses the same financial security measures as Ticketline, giving you peace of mind that your money is held securely by one of Europe's largest primary ticket agents until the event has matured.

All our transactions are processed over 128 bit SSL which encrypts credit and debit card information. We send this encrypted information to our bank so they can process the transaction. We do not keep any card information on our servers or in our offices to maximise security. All card information is stored by our bank at their secure data centre.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express cards. We regret that we do not accept Diners Club cards.


What data is available to me?

We understand that accessing enough information to successfully market your event is important to you. With this in mind, we've ensured that the relevant information is available to you for download. This includes your customer data, and handy demographics tools to help you develop your marketing strategy.

Who can access to my data?

All of your data is confidential and stored within the Ticketlight account. Ticketline do not access this data for marketing purposes, nor will this information be passed on to any other promoters.

Can I download my data?

All of your data is readily available to you from Ticketlight at the click of the button, in various different report formats. All reports can be downloaded from Ticketlight as .CSV files.

Do you provide any location based reports?

Within Ticketlight reports there is a section called Demographics. The location breakdown report displays a heat map of where your customers are located. There is a worldwide map which you can pan and zoom to focus on particular areas. You can filter this report on all your events, a selection of events and even a particular date range. Once you have the information you need you can download the data in csv format for further interrogation.

What financial reports are available to me?

To allow you to monitor revenue and sales of all your eevents, Ticketlight provides reports such as the Revenue and Sales Movement within the Activity section, the Ticket and Price Breakdown reports within the Transactions section will provide you with a breakdown of what tickets have been sold for your events and finally the Event Statement report provides how much money you are expecting to be paid.

How do I access the Visitor Ages, Genders and Interest Affinity Reports?

To allow us to display this information to you, you need to add your Google Analytics "web tracking code" to Ticketlight. If you haven't done this before here is a useful guide from Google:

You will also need to login to Google Analytics and enable Advertising Features. Further information can be found here:

Once this is implemented it will take approximately 24 hours to propagate any information

How do I find out if people are visiting my ticket shop?

Once you have enabled Google Analytics within Ticketlight you will gain access to the Page View report, this will show you the total page views your ticket shop has received each day, it also shows the unique page views, this is each unique visitor that has visited your Ticket Shop.

Do you provide any referral information for visitors to my Ticket Shop?

Yes we do! All we ask is that you provide us with your Google Analytics "web tracking code". Within the Visitor section of reports is the Traffic Sources report. For each booking that is processed we capture the referring page (the page the customer has come from to book tickets) so if you have shared a link on Facebook, or if someone has marketed the event for you on their website, it is shown here. You can download the data too!

How do I find out how many tickets I have sold through your marketplaces?

Using the Sales Channel report within the Visitors section of reports you can find a breakdown of how your tickets have been sold whether this is on your own Ticket Shop, through, "" or even through the Ticketline call centre. It is all laid out in one place.


I'd like to scan my event. Is this possible?

If you're looking to increase the security of your event, get in touch with our team who will be able to discuss the options available to you.

Can I email my customers for marketing purposes?

Using the Marketing tool in Ticketlight, you can download your customer email addresses based on location and past purchases. As well as being able to download these as a CSV file, we also integrate seamlessly with Mailchimp. We automatically send the email lists you create to Mailchimp where you can design your own mailshots - and Mailchimp is free to use for up to 2000 subscribers!

How do I sell tickets from my own website?

After designing your ticket shop (also available as a Facebook app) you can use our handy tools to integrate this into your own website. Either link to your ticket shop, or sell your tickets in an iFrame, lightbox, or pop-up window - meaning customers never leave your website! Just create your event then follow the simple on-screen instructions.

I don't know how to do x,y,z?

If you're having trouble with any of the features, or just want to know more about making the most of the system, get in touch with your dedicated account manager or email