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Is Ticketlight suitable for my event?

Ticketlight has been developed for a broad range of events, whether it’s general admission events, seated events, 100 capacity exclusive pub sessions, or a 5,000 capacity club event, there is something in Ticketlight for everybody!

If you’re running a larger scale event, or looking for a managed service, please contact us to discuss your options.

How do I sign up?

Signing up for Ticketlight couldn’t be easier. Click here to sign up and get started in minutes.


How long do I have to wait until I can sell tickets?

We don’t make you jump through hoops to sell your tickets. Setting up an event takes minutes, and can be published to your ticket shop instantly. You can even publish your ticket link to your social media channels, instant marketing, no delays.

Do I have to exclusively use Ticketlight?

While it’s simpler to keep everything in one place, selling from on point of sale such as your own ticket shop, we understand that sometimes you may wish to sell tickets through other outlets, and that’s ok. Using Ticketlight doesn’t mean you sign in to an exclusivity contract.

I need to cancel or postpone my event, what do I do?

Please ensure that you have set the event to ‘Cancelled’ within the ‘Events’ module of Ticketlight and contact customers who have purchased tickets. You can obtain your customer lists from ‘Reports’. Still unsure? Get in touch with your account manager or contact our support team.


What data is available to me?

We understand that accessing enough information to successfully control and market your events is important to you, and to help, we’ve ensured that the relevant information is available for you to download. This includes your customer data, including of their marketing preferences, and our handy ‘Location Breakdown’ report to develop your marketing campaigns for current and future events. All data is GDPR compliant too!

Who can access my data?

All of your event data is strictly confidential and securely stored and accessed from your Ticketlight account. We do not access this data for marketing purposes and it is not shared with any third party.

Can I download my data?

Yes, all of your data is readily available to you from Ticketlight, subject to the agreement of our terms and conditions on how you use the data collected, and available in reporting formats that can be uploaded to various CRM systems.

Do you provide any location based reports?

Yes, Ticketlight has it’s own ‘Location Breakdown’ report. The location breakdown report displays a heat map of where your customers are located. You can pan and zoom on particular areas and filter the report by all or singular events over a specified date range. It’s downloadable too in .CSV format and can be uploaded or merged with your CRM system, such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

What financial reports do you cover?

To allow you to monitor revenue and sales of all your events, Ticketlight provides reports such as the Revenue and Sales Movement within the ‘Activity’ tab in ‘Reports’. Ticket Breakdown reports provide you with a breakdown of what tickets have been sold for your event. Finally, our Event Statement report provides an overview on monies to be expected from your resulting ticket sales.

How do I access further demographic information on my customers?

Simply add a link from Google Analytics to Ticketlight. Not sure what to do? Check out this Universal Analytics guide

How do I find out if people are visiting my Ticket Shop?

Once your link to Google Analytics is enabled in Ticketlight, you will obtain access to the ‘Page View’ report. This will show you the total page views your Ticket Shop has received each day. It also displays unique page views too.

Do you provide any referral information for visitors to my Ticket Shop?

We do! All we ask is that you provide us with your Google Analytics Web Tracking Code. Within the Visitor section of ‘Reports’ is our Traffic Sources report. Each booking processed is captured and the source, for example, a shared link from Facebook or Twitter. This data can be downloaded too to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

How do I find out how many tickets I have sold through your marketplaces?

Firstly, please ensure you have requested a listing on our marketplace. This is found in the ‘Event’ set up screens. Using the Sales Channel report within the ‘Visitors’ section of reports, you can find a breakdown of how your tickets have been sold. It’s all clear, laid out in one place, and simple to see how effective your sales channels and reach are functioning overall.


Can I create my own Ticket Shop?

Yes! In Ticketlight, you can create your own ticket shop. The web address for this will be your ‘Company Name’ that you add during the registration process, with the suffix .ticketlight.co.uk

This can be designed to fit with your event or organisational branding and website scheme, from a simple colour scheme, to full branding with your own images, Ticketlight gives you the flexibility to take the opportunity of deep brand integration.

Can I create my own Facebook Shop?

Yes, you can! This can be done in seconds, with just a few clicks, and it’s free too! Follow the instructions in Design to publish your shop.

What about E-Tickets, can I customise those too?

Of course, you can! Our e-ticket template can be matched to your event or organisational brand scheme. You can create a standard e-ticket that can be used for all events, or even for each individual event.

You can also use the space to upsell and cross sell your current or upcoming events from your organisation or venue.

Customer email confirmations, can these be customised as well?

Similar to the e-ticket design, you can also brand these in your event or organisational brand scheme. This allows you to create a standard template that can be used across all your events, or each individual event.


How much does it cost to use Ticketlight?

To sign up and get started, it’s completely free! Charges only begin when you make your first ticket sale. Check out our pricing and how much it would cost to host your event or venue on Ticketlight.

When do I receive payment for my event?

Funds are transferred within 5 working days after the event has taken place. You will need to ensure that the payment details are correct in your account (you will have entered these during your registration process).

Running a larger or specialised event or venue? Get in touch to discuss further options.

Is Ticketlight secure?

Ticketlight uses the same financial security measures as our marketplace, Ticketline. All transaction are processed over 128 bit SSL which encrypts credit and debit card information to our bank so they can process the transaction. We do not store any card details on our servers or in our offices to maximise security. All card information is stored by our bank at their secure data centre.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Masetro cards. We do not accept American Express or Diners Club cards.


I want to scan my event. Is this possible?

Absolutely! For smaller events, you Ticketlight has it's own scanning app - Ticketlight Barcode Scanner. Available on Apple iOS devices, you can load your event barcodes, scan and review your entry statistics in real time. Please head to the App Store to download, sign in and get started! For larger events, or if you have questions on the Ticketlight Barcode Scanner, please get in touch with our team.

Can I email my customers for marketing purposes?

Using the Marketing tool in Ticketlight, you can send your opted-in customer email addresses to Mailchimp, a free to use ESP for up to 2,000 subscribers.

How do I sell tickets from my own website?

Once you have designed your Ticket Shop, you can use our handy tools to integrate this into your own website. Either link your Ticket Shop or sell your tickets in an iFrame, lightbox or pop-up window, retaining your customers on your website. To get started, create an event, then follow the simple on-screen instructions.

I’m not tech savvy, completely lost and giving up

Woah there! Don’t panic, we’re here to help! If you are experiencing issues or just want to know more about making the most of the system, get in touch with your dedicated account manager or get in touch with our support team.